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RDCL Superfoods

We help you make radical improvements to your nutrition and well-being without the need to make radical changes in your life.

Our products taste great and are simple to incorporate into your daily routine. They’re also 100% plant-based, ethical, sustainable and made with organic ingredients. And because everyone is unique, your RDCL box will be personalized just for you, all based on your individual needs, goals, life-style choices, and tastes.

We’re RDCL. The superfood company that’s built around YOU.

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How it Works

First we listen. Then we personalize. Our superfood systems provide daily support for your individual needs and goals.

Tell Us About Yourself

Answer easy questions about your goals, needs, lifestyle and tastes.

Review Your Recommendation

Based on what we learn from you, we create YOUR personalized superfoods system that’s easy to use every day. Add or remove products as you see fit.

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We send you the products you need, at the pace you want. Adjust or cancel any time, free shipping and world-class experience.

Build Your Healthy Habit

Get RDCL, live RDCL and be RDCL. Enjoy the products, track your progress, and engage with the RDCL community.


Better for your Health.We believe in the power of plants to nourish and support a healthy lifestyle.

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Better for the Animals. Our products are all cruelty-free. No animal-based ingredients. 100% plants.

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Better for the Planet. We stand for the environment and are committed to sustainable practices.

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