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Radical Elements - Passion Fruit

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Radical Elements - Dragon Fruit Superberry

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"Wow, I'm loving Radical Elements. This is the most enjoyable and beneficial way to stay hydrated I've found in a long time."

Nita from Philadelphia, PA

"I've always needed to drink more water, but found it to be kinda boring. But with Radical Elements I look forward to it!"

Brian from Northbrook, IL

"A morning dose of the Passion Fruit Radical Elements gives me such a great boost, but without a crash. Yay! 

Jessica from Carlsbad, CA

"RDCL drinks are better than I even expected. Going on a hike in sunny 90 degree weather would usually destroy me. But after having Radical Elements I feel amazing!"

Shawn from Topanga, CA

"I'm all about their ImmunityPlus Protocol. It's just what I've been looking for (and it's delicious)!"

Katie from Milwaukee, WI

Looking for an Immunity Boost?

We've got you covered with the Radical ImmunityPlus Protocol - a daily routine to optimize your well-being.

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Live Radically and Build Healthy Habits.

Something Good for Every Body

We thoughtfully select each and every ingredient we use and turn them into products that people love. Because each ingredient matters and must meet our standard. The RDCL standard. This makes our products better. Better for you. And that’s what this is all about.

We’re starting with functional superfood blends that turn ordinary water into super-water (Radical Elements), and we have complete-nutrition shakes soon to follow. Plus there’s more on the way. Broths, juices, teas, and coffee creamers - boosted with the functions you want and need.

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