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Radical Elements: Immunity + Focused Energy (Passion Fruit)

Radical Elements: Immunity + Focused Energy (Passion Fruit)

  • Healthy Habits
  • Everyday Hydration
  • Vegan
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  • 30 servings in each pouch
  • Boosted for Immunity, Energy, and Focus
  • Superfood blend with real-foods, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals
  • Easy to prepare - simply mix with water
  • Delicious and refreshing
  • A perfect way to hydrate and nourish your body every day
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
A healthy habit that also helped remove an unhealthy habit

The RDCL bundle of Passion Fruit and Dragonfruit hydration products are awesome!

It was really easy to start integrating them into my daily routine because of how simple it is to use them. Scoop, water, shake. Plus I like that I can find the exact delicious sweetness that works for me by adjusting how much water I use.

Passion Fruit has really improved the start to my day. It’s the first thing I put in my body and I feel good knowing I’m fueling up on great, healthy ingredients. I definitely find I am much more productive and don’t have the midmorning lull I’ve had in the past. More than that, it has eliminated my old sugary beverage habit – which feels amazing. And this is just one of many benefits.

The Dragonfruit is equally impactful. I’m not the best sleeper at the best of times – I noticed a clear improvement in the quality of my sleep since I started drinking Dragonfruit consistently. Quality sleep is key and it really helps.

RDCL superfoods continues to play such a positive role in feeling good and living a healthier lifestyle.

The best hydration blends!

Passion Fruit:
I drink this every morning 30 minutes before I start working — within that 30 minute period, my focus is on POINT. I drink 1-2 glasses per day.

Dragon Fruit Superberry:
It’s the perfect beverage for the evening. I feel great drinking it and it helps me wind down for bed!

Jane Velez-Mitchell
Incredible! I am hooked... in a good way!

I am one of these people who just doesn't like to drink water. But, thanks to RDCLsuperfoods, I now DO! Such a brilliant concept and the taste is great! Just the right amount of flavor but not overpowering.

Richard B Klein
I've become a regular

Not only is it a boost to the immune system, but it beats the alternatives. Much better to drink water than diet soda, Snapple, etc.

Sara Gavin

We really love the taste and product. I wished it dissolved in water more easily, but other than that, it’s great.

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    Immunity - Boost your body's natural immune defenses with zinc, vitamin C from acerola berry, vitamin D3 and other antioxidants

    Focused Energy - Boost energy and focus with L-theanine from green tea, rhodiola, and 80mg caffeine from guarana


    • 100% plant-based
    • Powered with antioxidant superfruits
    • Contains hydrating coconut water
    • Boosted with powerful nootropics and a 2:1 ratio of L-theanine to caffeine
    • Contains vegan vitamin D3 that's naturally derived from wildcrafted, sustainable lichen, as opposed to a more common form of vitamin D3 that's synthetically derived from lanolin (sheep wool grease)
    • Zero added sugar
    • Only 10 calories per serving
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten Free






  • Build Healthy Habits

    We all want to build healthy habits, but desire and willpower are often not enough. It's about setting yourself up for success. Start with something easy that can be replicated every day.

    That's what RDCL is all about. And with Radical Elements, you get functional superfood blends that are delicious, refreshing, and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

  • Everyday Hydration

    Staying properly hydrated is essential for optimal health. Unfortunately, many people don't drink enough water and their well-being suffers as a result.

    It's time to upgrade your water with Radical Elements. Everyday hydration just got a lot easier.

  • Vegan

    Radical Elements is 100% vegan. We are cruelty free and avoid the use of any animal-based ingredients. We believe in the power of plant-based nutrition and all of the amazing benefits it has to offer.

    It's all part of the RDCL philosophy. We're plant-powered for the good of all people, our planet, and all the living beings we share it with.

Doctor Approved

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

In order to stay healthy, live optimally, and maintain strong immunity, it’s imperative that we all drink enough water. And given the fact that many people find plain water to be, well, a bit boring, we developed Radical Elements to give your water a serious upgrade! One way or another, be sure to give your mind and body the water it needs. It’s without a doubt one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Add a Scoop to Your Water Bottle!

Radical Elements is the perfect addition to you water bottle. We recommend that you start by adding one level scoop of Radical Elements powder + 16oz of water + ice to your water bottle, shake it up, and you're all set! Feel free to vary the amount of water you use to adjust the taste and sweetness to your liking.

Upgrade Your Tea

Do you drink hot tea? Or iced tea perhaps? Try upgrading your tea with Radical Elements - it turns ordinary tea into superfood tea! Radical Elements will add delicious flavor and sweetness (without added sugar), hydration from organic coconut water, antioxidants from superfruit, and functional benefits. Your tea will never be the same! 

We recommend using about half a scoop per cup (scooper is included), though feel free to adjust the amount per your liking. Enjoy!